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Babam annemden boşandıktan sonra yeni bir kadınla evlendiği için artık üvey olan annem vardı. Onunla ilk zamanlar tanışma fırsatı bulamamıştım. Ama aradan uzun bir zaman geçtikten sonra babam beni evine akşam yemeği için ve yeni annem Sofi Ryan ile tanışmaya davet etti. Bu tarz şeyleri pek sevmesem de sırf babam bozulmasın diye çok fazla sesimi çıkarmadım ve dosdoğru evine gittim. Kapıyı çaldığımda bana kapıyı açan kişi olgun ve dolgun üvey olan annemdi ve onunla kapıda el sıkışarak tanıştık. İlk dakikadan beri ona şaşı bir şekilde onunla konuşuyordum çünkü yüzüne mi baksam memelerine mi baksam bilemiyordum. İçeri geçip oturduğumuzda ise kendisi bana “çok yakışıklısın” gibi kelimeler kullanınca arandığının farkına vardım ve ilk başlarda üvey olan annem olduğu için dirensem de daha sonrasında nasıl olsa kan bağım yok diyerek onu bir sikmişim ki sormayın. 1080p Türkçe altyazılı Bratty Milf porno izle.

My New Stepmom Is A Nympho

It’s been a while since Tony has seen his dad. It’s been so long, in fact, that his dad has met, wooed, and married his new wife, Sofi Ryan. Tony has never met his new stepmother, but he’s in town and so his dad is having a family dinner to get the introductions rolling. Tony arrives early. His dad isn’t there yet, but Sofi sure is. She invites Tony inside and starts the come-ons almost immediately, touching Tony’s legs and arms and leaning forward so he can see down the deep neck of her shirt. Tony would have to be blind to not see how hot his new stepmommy is, and how into him she appears to be. When Sofi dips into her bedroom to finish getting ready, her invitation to join in is blatant. Tony manages to stay strong, but his resistance can only go so far when Sofi leaves the door open and peels her shirt and shorts off right in plain sight.

Draped in a towel and wearing just her high heels, Sofi comes strutting out of the room to get her phone. She accidentally-on-purpose drops the towel. Tony tries to leave, but Sofi corners him on the couch and tells him that if he tries to leave she’ll tell his dad that Tony came over with the intention of fucking her. Sofi reveals that she’s a nympho and she needs to be fucked. She’s horny, Tony’s here, they need to get going. Grabbing Tony’s hand, she puts it on her big boob and swears that if he does as she says it’ll stay between them. Tony is sold, so Sofi leads him to the guest bedroom to get the party started. Sofi climbs onto the bed and shakes that ass to keep Tony’s attention and make sure he doesn’t back out. Then she turns around and grabs his shaft to pull him close so she can blow him. Her deep throat delight is wet and sloppy as she goes to town worshipping Tony’s big dick complete with a titty fuck. Download HD Turkish subtitled Bratty Milf porno izle.

When Sofi turns around on her hands and knees, Tony doesn’t hesitate again. He goes balls deep into that creamy snatch. Sofi is with him every step of the way, setting the pace as she rocks back and forth on her stepson’s cock while Tony spanks her and admires the way that fine ass jiggles. Sofi turns over so she can watch Tony sliding into her meaty fuck hole, and he delivers with a delightful pussy pounding and tit massage. Tony takes Sofi’s place on the bed so she can ride him in proper reverse cowgirl, leaving his hands free to continue worshipping that bottom. Once Sofi is temporarily sated, it’s only natural for her to turn around and resume her deep throat cock gobbling until she’s ready to go again, this time in cowgirl. Another lusty BJ leaves Tony no choice but to give Sofi the mouthful of cum she’s been angling for. Just as Tony is marveling that he just fucked his dad’s brand new wife, Sofi tells him she just saw his dad’s car pull up.

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