Nine Torun Porno Altyazılı İzle | Andi James Babaanne 2. Bölüm

Bir önceki bölümde babasının, yaşlı babaannesi sikişine şahit olan genç genç torun Nicky Rebel, gördüklerini anlamaya çalışmaktadır. Tam o sırada babaannesi odasına girer ve onunla bu konuda konuşmaya başlar… HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı nine torun porno izle.

Scene Two: Morning after

Stressed and confused Nicky’s in his room trying to figure out what the fuck he just saw. His grandmother comes in to check on him and talk to him about it. There’s only one way she knows how to fix things. Andi opens up her robe to her curious grandson and lets him see her body. Seeing his dick push against his sheets she reaches down and touches his strong legs and big cock. Just then his step-dad calls for her to make breakfast and she leaves him even more confused than before.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home” Andi says, on her grandson’s bed with her body exposed and her legs open she touches herself. Calling him over she pulls down his pants and makes him do as he’s told. He’s not sure what to think as she strokes and sucks him until he’s hard. Guiding him on top of her she moans as his young cock makes her feel sexy again.

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